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    報名考試 開放日預約

    Education is the essence. A simple statement and perhaps an obvious one for a school. But, in its simplicity there lies complexity.





    2016年,上海愛立誠教育集團與美方聯袂來此辦學,注冊成立了存志嘉德雙語學校。2018年,愛立誠與美方的合作再次升級,分別與美國佛羅里達州私立高中Admiral Farragut Academy和美國加州公立高中West contra Costa Unified School District達成合作協議,共享美國名校領先的教育理念與資源,選拔最優秀的學生進入我們學校,沖擊世界頂尖學府。

    Cunzhi Jiade Bilingual School located in Tongli near Suzhou and Shanghai, is an ancient town with a history of more than one thousand years.  The campus covers an area of over 16 acres and is the original site of Tongli Middle School. The school site is famous for Tongchuan Autonomous Society which originated from Tongchuan Academy during the Qing Dynasty. Tongchaun Academy was founded in 1902 by Jin Songcen who was the teacher of Liu Yazi, a well-known modern Chinese litterateur, and Fei Xiaotong, a pioneering Chinese researcher and professor of sociology and anthropology. In the lush green campus, there is Tianfang Building, a cultural conservation site, and the “Red Building”, an educational base for students. Both buildings demonstrate the heritage of the Ancient Songze Culture with its history of five to six thousand years. In 2016, Ideal Education decided to start a school in Tongli with American cooperation, Cunzhi Jiade Bilingual School was founded. In 2018, the program upgraded again under the cooperation with a Florida private high school, Admiral Farragut Academy and California public high school, West contra Costa Unified School Distric. Sharing and leading the educational philosophy and resources of the elite schools in the United States, selecting the excellent students enter our school, and stretching to the world’s top universities.


    校園開放日 Campus Open Day reservation
    備案號:蘇ICP備17012990號-1    版權所有: 蘇州市吳江區存志外國語學校