Maryjane has been part of our team for a few years and has been in the orthodontic field for 30 years. She loves every patient she works with, and she likes that they appreciate the life-long benefits of a stable, functional, and healthy bite and that they do everything they can to reach that. Maryjane loves that our team is very supportive of each other, and we work very hard to provide exceptional care and orthodontic treatment for the patients. She also loves that everyone truly enjoys working together. Maryjane contributes to the success of the practice by being experienced, professional, and knowledgeable. She has an associate’s degree in liberal arts and is a veteran of the United States Navy. She has a beautiful daughter, Shannon, who works as an LPN. Shannon and Maryjane’s companion, Fred, are both people Maryjane loves tremendously.  Maryjane enjoys cooking, crafting, and decorating, as well as her home on Cape Cod.